Frequently Asked Questions


"Through Confidence Comes Success"


Please contact us further to discuss your specific needs. However the following list of questions and answers may answer some of your initial questions:

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What subjects are offered?

A. Maths and English to include reading and writing.


Q. What ages are catered for?

A. The main focus would be on children within the age range 7 – 13 but we may be able to offer help to pupils/adults above this upper age depending on need.


Q. Where will the tuition take place?

A. Normally this would be within the child’s own home.


Q. How long will a session last?

A. The normal session length would be 1 hour.


Q. What will it cost?

A. The basic tuition fee is £20 per hour.


Q. How often would sessions take place?

A. In general we would recommend weekly sessions as a good rule of thumb as this seems to be the most beneficial for progress to be made.


Q. What might a teaching session look like?

A. We are skilled at considering the learning needs of each child.


This assessment would take place in the first session. Teaching throughout this and subsequent sessions would be based upon the identified areas of need.


We are keen to put children at ease and to create a relaxed but purposeful working atmosphere. Our over-riding aim is to build confidence within the child so that real progress can be made.


We employ a number of approaches and a variety of resources to assist with understanding.