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Noel Bennett


"Through Confidence Comes Success"


 Noel Bennett – Profile
I have spent over twenty years working in primary schools teaching children throughout the age range 4 to 11.


During this time I held senior management positions including that of head teacher.


I continued my career becoming a numeracy consultant, working with teachers and children in a range of schools in order to raise standards in Maths. All of this took place in the Midlands within a number of Local Education Authorities.


A lifestyle change led to my relocation to Devon where I have spent some 4 years teaching literacy and numeracy ‘Skills for Life’ on a one-to-one basis up to GCSE equivalent level.


Alongside this work, I have undertaken private tuition assignments with children aged 7 to 13 as well as some work in two local schools under the government-sponsored ‘One-to-One Tuition Scheme’.